There are so many reasons to look at going paperless, or atleast start your transition to paperlite, that the journey can sometimes seem quite daunting.  Here at Papershrink, we’ve broken it down in to an easy to digest, three step process – Collect, Scan, Upload. 


We offer a collection service meaning you don’t even have to leave the office. Our team can come out to collect your documents and bring them back to our facilities. Alternatively you can organise your own delivery of the documents, or even drop them off directly.


Once your documents have arrived at our facilities, we will prepare and scan all of your documentation to the specification you have requested. 


Upon scanning of the documents, these files are uploaded to our secure cloud based service where you can access them instantly. The original documents can then either be returned to you, or destroyed in compliance with BS 10008. 

If you’re interested in going digital, speak to us today. We can advise you on the best approach, and work with you, at your own pace to clearly map out the journey ahead.