Papershrink are encouraging businesses to review their current document processes. How do you currently store archive documents, onsite or offsite? What process do you have in place for shredding or destroying documentation that has passed its legal retention date? 

Papershrink are here to help you take this as the opportunity to start moving towards a clear office and potentially no more offsite storage costs. Imagine being able to reduce costs, regain space, and save money. 

Contact us today and we can work with you to review your current processes and work to digitise your documentation. 

We will review all of your paperwork, see what needs to be kept, what documents are accessed on a regular basis and those that are rarely accessed. This allows us to look at what needs to be scanned and uploaded immediately, and what can be scanned on demand. All scanned documentation can be accessed quickly and easily via our online cloud based solution, Papershrink Office. 

So why wait? Let us help you create a clear plan to becoming paperless. Get in touch today