As the world continues to move to a technology focused environment, have you ever stopped and asked yourself what benefits you could have from archiving within a digital environment?

Electronic Archiving, or e-archiving takes the storage of information away from large storage spaces filled with boxes of information, and stores them securely within a cloud based environment.

Would you like to be able to ensure that all of your files are easily accessible, completely accurate and understandable? This can be achieved with e-archiving, whilst traditional archiving can present multiple issues. How easy is it for you to locate that specific file within your current records? How can you ensure that no pages or sheets of information have been lost or destroyed? And, if the information is there, can you fully understand the writing? E-archiving removes these concerns.

Would you like to spend more time on care-giving and less time on paperwork? Papershrink’s simple software solutions and scanning services designed especially for care homes allows you to focus on what you are most passionate about: caring.

Adopting e-archiving enables you to store information electronically and securely whilst complying with regulations such as BS 10008. It also ensures compliant destruction of information after scanning.

Papershrink uCare can work with you, at your own pace to not only transition from a paper based to digital environment but also to become BS 10008 compliant.